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Google Analytics 4 (GA4) migration for a fintech startup

Aim is to provide integrate "GA3 History + GA4 Daily data" that should be prepared into a single dashboard report in DOMO

Business Need

Our fintech client primarily model was online SaaS sales. They needed to move to GA4 because Google’s Universal Analytics product was sunset in June 2023. They wanted an integrated repository or dashboard instead of maintaining two dashboards for both GA4 and GA 3 data. They also wanted to combine this data with other customer information to be able to do predictive analytics for their online performance.

Technology Need

GA3 and GA4 work in different ways. GA3 (Universal Analytics) uses session-based tracking and analysis of pageviews whereas GA4 uses a model based on events and parameters.

As a result of this change using one consolidated dashboard was not possible out of the box.
So, detailed mapping of data had to be done.

Ignitho Solution & approach

Ignitho pulled both GA3 and GA4 data into a common repository and developed an advanced matching algorithm to make sure that the data can be mapped across time. This would ensure that the client can continue to have uninterrupted analytics coverage across both historical GA3 information and the new GA4 analytics being captured. Ignitho helped in matching the data that were in GA3 with the use of an external repository and then we created an integrated dashboard where all the data of GA3 and GA4 were shown in a unified way. This historical data which now matched the GA4 information was then pushed back into GA4 database (Google’s Biq Query database).

Benefits Delivered

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