“Ignitho is working hand in hand with top industries to deliver quality technology services with flexibility and agility”

Every industry has its own distinct intricacies and hence, ready-made solutions cannot readily be their lifesavers or growth accelerators. This calls for a customised and innovative approach that works to service industry-specific needs and establish a steadfast industry presence.

As market leaders in Frugal Technology Innovation, we follow an industry-specific framework that is built on a foundation of domain expertise and robust technology solutions. Our group of experts works with you to leverage your business ideas through Rapid Prototyping across the spectrum of emerging technologies (RPA, Machine Learning, AR/VR and IoT), as well as established web and mobile technologies to deliver Scalable solutions.

  • ndustries_Financial_service

    Financial Services

    As technology is uphending workflow and processes in the financial industry, Ignitho provides a more streamlined operation with improved customer satisfaction, reduced human errors and boosted revenue.

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  • industries_retail_technology_solution


    Ignitho works closeley with customers to deliver quality retail technology services with flexibility and agility. Making a clear sense of how tablets and smart phones have completely took over the ancient methodology of shopping, we aim to provide unique innovative digital solutions to our customers.

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  • industries_travel_leisure_technology_solution

    Travel and Leisure

    Considering the need of technology edge in travel and leisure industry, we benefit customers through significant reduction in operation expenses, improved return in Investment through reduction in capital expenditure and ability to integrate IT and infrastructure services to create truly innovative solutions and thus addressing all the current business requirements.

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  • Industries_CPG_Manufacturing

    CPG and Manufacturing

    At this present age where CPG and manufacturing industries take giant leaps towards modernization, Ignitho has been delivering innovative digital solutions to our customers which are both cost effective, revenue boosting and productive while cutting expenditure.

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  • Industries_small and medium enterprises

    Small and Medium Enterprises

    On leveraging our ecosystem with extremely unique business models, Ignitho promises a wide range of technology services for our SME clients, helping them to increase their reach in the market as well as to their end customers.

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  • Industries_Charities


    Ignitho and ARETEN are working together to build innovative applications for the Not-for-profit sector. Ignitho focuses on building Digital, Cloud and Mobile solutions using Agile methodology to modernize the use of IT within the Charities and Not-for-profit sector whilst supporting current application software with a cost effective managed service model.

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Rahul Jaitly

Former CIO Kuoni Travel

Rob Pearlman

Former IT Director Avis & AXA

Alison Booth

IT Leadership Roles Ex-Balfour Beatty, Allianz

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