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Reimagining Digital Transformation with our IOIO Framework, delivering seamless customer interactions, actionable insights and business growth for our clients

Continuous Delivery Using Agile POD Teams

Our POD-based teams and our IOIO framework have a digital engineering foundation and the discipline in agile delivery, enabling business agility for our clients. Our delivery framework leverages Frugal Innovation methodology co-developed with Jaideep Prabhu, Professor at University of Cambridge. Read more

Success Stories

Delivering Digital Agility in Healthcare​

From the very moment we conceptualized this project, the Ignitho team shared our focus on the timely and affordable delivery of real-time analytics such as RCM performance, sales & marketing data, and fundamental communication enhancement tools through an easy to use application delivered to our providers and staff on their personal mobile device. Read more

Dr. Doug Wisor | CEO

National Spine & Pain Centers

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