Rachel Panther
Business Support Director, Oxford Innovation
Ignitho’s platform is intuitive; users with no training were able to simply register and start using the system effectively. They ran into very few problems, which were always resolved within 24 hours. They finished the project on time while staying flexible with changes to the project scope.
Carl Walker
IT Director, BodyPower
All deliverables have been within budget and on time, often meeting strict deadlines. Ignitho worked overtime to provide the best quality of work, communicating daily and solving problems. They have great business governance, treating medium to small clients as enterprise businesses.
Ian Price
Program Manager, P&H
The pre-deployed product attracted praise from corporate end-users, thanks to its intuitive interface and engaging design. Ignitho’s outcome-focused workflow, creative deliverables, and excellent price point make the arrangement valuable.
Sanjay Choudhary
Director, CrowdInvest
Ignitho Technologies went the extra mile to deliver the product. They showed flexibility, a proactive nature in tackling any challenge, and provided access to senior expertise to expedite the development process. The client considers that this collaboration was much better than previous ones.
Tanya Stadler
Head of Marketing, Acccountagility
The new website is easy to use by internal staff members and has already seen an increase in search result rankings. Ignitho adapted to the management style of the company easily and responds quickly and personably to all requests made.


How To Start Your Journey On Frugal Innovation ?
Industry experts are today looking beyond the horizon to create new solutions to help enterprises improve their business. Ignitho Labs allows experts and IT leaders to brainstorm or ideate with us and develop the idea into a prototype.

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A disruptive new approach to IT Application Services, using Frugal Innovation Methodology, delivering scalable Outcome-based Solutions for enterprises looking for accelerated growth in the digital economy
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