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Google Analytics 4 (GA4) migration for a digital marketing agency

Business Need

Our client is a digital marketing agency who have been using Google Analytics 3 (GA3) to track their clients’ website performance. However, migrating from GA3 to GA4 will help them to improve their analytics capabilities, gain deeper insights into user behavior, and optimize their clients’ marketing strategies.

Technology Need

GA3 and GA4 differ in their approach to tracking and analyzing data and this difference in approach affects the way data is collected, organized, and analyzed in each system. So, to guarantee uninterrupted analytics coverage, mapping is required as GA4 employs an events and parameters-based model, while GA3 (Universal Analytics) uses pageview-based tracking and session analysis.

Ignitho Solution & Approach

Ignitho compiled data from GA3 and GA4 into one central location and created a robust matching algorithm to guarantee that the data could be mapped over time. This merging process was essential to ensure uninterrupted analytics coverage for the client across both historical GA3 data and new GA4 analytics. Ignitho accomplished this by matching GA3 data with an external repository and constructed an integrated dashboard where all the data from GA3 and GA4 were displayed in a unified way. Eventually, Ignitho pushed the matched historical data back into GA4’s database, which is Google’s Big Query database.

Benefits Delivered

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