Brendan Dunphy

IT Leadership Roles
Center for Strategic Technology, Accenture

Nice Area,


Brendan Dunphy is an entrepreneur, consultant & social innovator specializing in strategy, innovation and transformation with a particular interest in startup collaboration with corporates to create new value for both parties. He has above 35 years of experience for consulting in strategy, innovation and talent development.

          • Founder & principal consultant at Dunphy Associates.

          • Co-founded online benchmarking provider Max.Net (UK) Ltd. and internet services company Extend Solutions.

          • Co-founder of Africaiq, Trustee of the youth charity the lowdown and Ekhaya Skill Centres in the UK and advisor to Teach the Future Europe in the Netherlands.

          • Consulting Director at Mobile Market Development (Telco research, Dublin).

          • Former Innovation Lead at Frost & Sullivan Ltd. in Europe (growth research, London).

          • Former Director of the Accenture (then Anderson Consulting) Centre for Strategic Technology in Sophia Antipolis.

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