UK's Ignitho to scale up its Kochi presence, says Keralite CEO

March 27, 2017

Kochi: UK-based Ignitho Technologies plans to widen its presence in Infopark to service its client additions and would boost its investments here, its CEO told Onmanorama

Ignitho co-founder and Keralite Jijo Olassa, whose roots are in Changanassery, said the digital solutions company would increase its staff strength here to 100-150 in three to six months to exploit the immense talent pool in the booming port city in the southern Indian state.

By June-July, the new office will be ready. We have already started the recruitment process," he told Onmanorama in an interview.

Ignitho christened its 2015 plan as 10/10/3.

The plan, conceived in 2015, is to have 10 successful product companies by 2025, that is 10 years from then, and take three out of that to IPO. That is the 10/10/3 plan," he said.

Ignitho plans to incubate the product companies in Kochi and these will be standalone firms.

The initial focus of Ignitho in Kochi will be on services, he said, adding the hiring part and all will not be investments but project-based, as in client-funded.

Ignitho's plan is to hire an office space that can accommodate 150 and slowly scale up depending on projects.

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