The enterprise IT leaders of today need to ensure that the IT partner they onboard for their IT requirements, posses the combination of industry, technological and delivery expertise. An IT partner’s lack of industry expertise is a risk that might slow-down project progress and adversely affect the client and partner communication. To mitigate this risk, IT leaders need to look towards onboarding an IT partner who have prior working and delivery experience of the industry in question. If the selected IT partner have team members who are domain experts and have an expert network of ex-CIO’s who could bring valuable industry expertise to the table, it will act as a bonus for the IT leaders.

At Ignitho, having successfully delivered scalable solutions with faster time to market for multiple clients across domain/industry, we have helped enterprises achieve accelerated revenue generation. Our experienced business analyst group closely align with the business needs of our client to help them realise their product vision and keep a keen eye on the industry best practices to help our clients make the right decisions. With our unique peer ecosystem of former CIOs who bring invaluable experience and industry expertise, we continue to help our clients to resolve the issues of project slowdown and client and partner communication, facilitating greater creativity and freedom on both sides.

Industries we focus on are:

We at Ignitho focus on industries like the Retail, Financial Services, Travel & Leisure, Higher Education, CPG & Manufacturing, and Charities.

Digital Healthcare

Expertise across Payer-Provider database management, legacy infrastructure modernization

Media & Entertainment

Expertise across Advertising, Broadcasting, Print & Publishing.


Expertise across Business Continuity, Cybersecurity, Cloud and Managed Services.

Financial Services

Expertise across mobile wallets, payment gateways, investment platforms

Business Services & Public Sector

Expertise across Core Modernization and MUX Driven Customer Experience.

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Rachel Panther

Business Support Director,
Oxford Innovation

Ian Price

Program Manager, P&H

Carl Walker

IT Director, BodyPower


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