Ignitho’s Digital Engineering Services have proven to be a disruptive frontrunner in taking Enterprises from ambition to success in the Data Led, Cloud Enabled, Digital Economy. Ignitho’s engineering services are powered by our IOIO framework providing a truly tailored approach in delivering digital business solutions. Ignitho specialises in Data Management, Product Engineering and Cloud Enablement. Our POD-based teams come with a digital engineering mindset and discipline in agile delivery, enabling digital agility for our clients.

Our core service offering consists of:

Data Engineering & Intelligence

Upgrading the level of enterprise decision making with data management, data engineering and data analytic solutions.

Digital Product Engineering

Taking care of the entire product life cycle from ideating to the deployment and user acceptance.

Cloud Enablement & Operations

Cloud Deployments for Digital Applications that are quick & easy to start on limited budgets

Application Services & Modernization

Rapid development which help enterprise to shift from single code base to agile.

Our Methodologies

Ignitho’s approach gives enterprises the ability to start small and deliver quick outcomes on limited budgets for the web and mobile:

Agile POD

Distributed Agile PODs leans on the best principles of traditional Agile, adapted for the purpose of structuring a global delivery model leveraging onsite and offshore advantages

Frugal DevOps

Frugal DevOps support services are designed to address the challenges business are facing for quicker turnaround of ongoing application enhancements and support

Additional Services

Microservices & API

Enabling enterprises to move away from single codebase, and shift to agile

Mobile App Development

Mobile app development using Rapid Application Development methodology

Technology Consulting

Consulting Services to guide organisations to strategic, operational and technological excellence

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Rachel Panther

Business Support Director,
Oxford Innovation

Ian Price

Program Manager, P&H

Carl Walker

IT Director, BodyPower


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