IT business leaders today are faced with the challenge of selecting the right technology for building solutions utilising web, mobile and emerging technologies, from the plethora of technologies available at their disposal. Whereas for enterprises today, the rate of technology adoption need to be higher as per the growing business demands and to deliver enterprise applications for the digital economy.

At Ignitho, with the in-depth technology expertise in key web and mobile technologies across Microsoft, Open Source, Mobile and Java, we deliver top notch services and have adapted for the purpose to structure a global delivery model.Apart from these, we also keep a keen eye on the emerging technologies like Machine Learning and Augmented & Virtual Reality. We have in-depth technology partnership with the top technology companies to provide the best of these technologies for our clients.

Web and mobile technologies we focus on are


Expertise across C#, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, Entity Framework, Silverlight


Expertise across Java/J2EE, Spring Java, Spring MVC, Struts J2EE

Open Source

Expertise across PHP, Python, Angular, NodeJS, Laravel


Expertise across Android, iOS (Xcode), and Hybrid Platforms like Ionic, PhoneGap, and Xamarin

Emerging technologies we focus on are:

Machine Learning

Expertise with an added experience in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and text analysis, Robotic Process Automation (RPA)


Expertise across Angular,Java,CPP,Solidity and Python

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