Innovative Digital Transformation to Streamline Warehouse Management of a Major Retailer In UK

Driving the operational efficiency at its full speed in the retail sector through an automated warehouse management system.

Business Need

Enhancing the Productivity and Operational Efficiency

Our client, a leading retailer in UK, with an extensive grid of depots across the country was embracing on the process of digital transformation for which they were in search of an efficient innovation partner who could automate the warehouse administration process through a SaaS based application to improve operational efficiency. For most of the retailers, manually tracking and managing large volume of goods that pass through their warehouse and supermarkets involved laborious efforts from the side of depot team, making the compliance with subsidiary management no easy task.

The client’s focus was to employ innovative transformation of the warehouse management to automate the process thereby bridging the gap between the scaling business environment and the lacked cohesion within the warehouses.

Ignitho’s Solution

Ignitho’s Innovation led approach brought in warehouse digitalization utilizing the best of our Open Source technology. The automated warehouse system that Ignitho developed with the help of Angular and PHP solved the issue of manual tracking by providing a computerized prototype where they could follow to-the-date management of the warehouses within their domain.

The system migrated the paper-based process to a robust and scalable ecosystem that utilized the latest technology in Artificial Intelligence to accomplish an optimum efficiency and prompt depot management. This also facilitated the client to efficiently supervise the operations of the warehouse maintenance team in line with the other departments in the client’s business network.

Benefits Delivered

By re-structuring the process, the warehouse automation solution framed a specific timeline for the warehouse management to happen effectively. This cost-efficient cutting-edge application improved the team performance in maintaining the warehouse.

Operational efficiency
Restoration of rack defects
Cost Savings

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