Enhancing the Productivity and Operational Efficiency of Major Healthcare Provider in the USA Through Digital Transformation

The innovation-led digital transformation of a major healthcare provider with our innovation-inspired workforce and digital expertise

Business Need

Enhancing the Productivity and Operational Efficiency

The client is a major healthcare provider based out of the East coast of the USA. The client realized early-on the urgency of a digital transformation to manage and streamline their medical practices spread across multiple specialty health centers.

The use of spreadsheets was incompetent to make a comparative study of the franchise clinics. The client wanted to automate and bring about a better system in place to gauge the performance of all clinics and practitioners. The manual approach blunts the efficiency and productivity of a huge organization. Also, the need to stay ever relevant weighs heavily on the medical practitioners like no other and for this they wanted to implement a structure that empowers and educates the practitioners on the latest developments in the medical field.

In this hyper-connected age, the client felt the need to bring about a coherence among the geographically spread health centers and realized the need for optimization of the work ecosystem across processes and divisions. We were approached to come about an innovative measure to make their digital journey hassle-free.

Ignitho’s Approach

On approaching us for the digital transformation, we developed an innovative approach through our team of expert developers. We delivered quick prototypes through our rapid application development and rapid prototyping approach. Incorporating the client’s feedback at every stage of development created an environment of great client interaction, driving operational efficiency and increase ROI.

Based on the client requirements, we tactically deployed React Native and Node JS in the treatment and brought about a portal that digitized the multiple functionalities of the organization. Through the strategic use of React, we reduced the development costs and optimized the budget, as it helps to develop hybrid apps.

We were able to cater to the client’s business need of educating the doctors and automating the operations of the organization, on a limited, result-driven pricing, through our frugal innovation service methodology, developed in collaboration with the University of Cambridge.

Even with a team dispersed globally, we were able to coordinate the operations at different stages and deliver results without affecting the productivity in any way. Our distributed agile service methodology helped build a realm of work that coordinated and co-created effectively, through co-ideation.

Benefits Delivered

Through our innovative approach, we built a cumulative app that automated the system, and brought about the much-needed digital transformation for the client. Some of the advancements is as shown under:

Productivity of practitioners- Increased remarkably while organizing the operational system

Patient retention- Witnessed a conspicuous difference, by incorporating patient feedbacks

Operational efficiency of the organization- Pronounced improvement

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