Respond quickly using the power of design thinking to deliver AI led customer first capabilities

We use principles of design thinking and unlock the power of insights so that you can secure a strong competitive edge. We help you adopt cutting edge capabilities by keeping your strategy and vision in context.

As a result, your product and applications portfolio is future ready, well architected, and supports maximum straight through processing of business operations.


Success Stories

We speak from experience, execution and impact. Success deserves a spotlight – yours could be the next.:

Mobile-first Advanced Business Intelligence & Revenue Analytics for a Leading Healthcare Provider

Digital Transformation in Remote Worker Tracking Solution for a Leading Retailer in UK

Our Product Engineering Frameworks

Data lake Strategy

Product Strategy & Roadmap

We excel at delivering on your immediate priorities while also keeping in context your overall business needs and customer expectations. Doing so ensures that we not only deliver but help you deliver the right things. We partner with you and enable your vision.

Microservices and API

As the world moves toward composable business enterprises, it is critical to keep the technology architecture loosely coupled while still delivering the cohesiveness needed for agility and responsiveness. Towards that end, we help you adopt and expand a microservices-based architecture. Doing so enables us to convert software features into capabilities that can be accessed from across the enterprise.

Data lake Strategy
Data lake Strategy

AI & Insights

We use a closed loop data science model that ensures that products and applications are always AI aware. This means that they are ready to leverage insights, as well as feedback important operational and usage data to the data pipeline for the AI models to refresh themselves.


By being Agile we keep the engineering efforts in sync with what the evolving customer expectations are. In addition to creating a backlog of features to be built, we create a façade of capabilities to be created so that the backlog can span across the products portfolio to serve as the True North.

Data lake Strategy
Data lake Strategy

Low code & RAD

Through our innovation labs (hyperlinked), we bring the latest in engineering productivity and software innovation to you. We partner with leading companies (hyperlink) and constantly create proof of concepts and integrations. This enables you to bring your products and applications to market faster and cheaper.

Emerging Tech

NFTs (non fungible tokens), Augmented and Virtual Reality, Gamification of customer and employee experience, loyalty inclusion

Data lake Strategy

Our Core Principles

Design Thinking


Lead with a focus on internal and external user needs to drive your organization's structured & unstructured data monetization efforts



Continuous delivery using Agile principles and globally coordinated Agile pods to ensure that projects are executed and delivered with high quality and functional velocity.



Become “Co-Innovators” and ideate to quickly develop prototypes and MVPs that prove value quickly and transition seamlessly from the labs to fully functional solutions.

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