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Vision to create B2B product companies and entrepreneurs with Kochi as global hub

Ignitho Technologies, headquartered in the UK with its India Development Centre in Infopark Kochi, has given a major boost to its focus on Frugal Technology Innovation and its investments in Kochi through the launch of Ignitho Ventures, a disruptive new model to build standalone B2B product companies and to turn talented Ignitho employees, christened Ignitors, into entrepreneurs.

Ignitho is uniquely placed to enable success for its Ignitho Ventures initiative. In a departure from the traditional startup model, the approach will be “market first”, where the starting point would be addressing the business and technology needs of western enterprises, which Ignitho already interacts with daily through its leadership team and peer ecosystem based in UK and US. This assures a ready market of enterprise customers willing to co-ideate and co-innovate from day one. Ignitho Ventures will provide Ignitors and like-minded professionals with a platform to build solutions for enterprise needs and fuel their entrepreneurial dreams. Ignitors involved in taking a product idea to successful fruition will be invited to take up senior leadership positions in these product companies, along with substantial shareholding and profit sharing.

“Our Vision 2025 is to have 20 successful B2B product companies by the year 2025 and take five out of them to IPO. Through Ignitho Ventures we will turn talented professionals into successful entrepreneurs, staying true to Ignitho’s ethos of entrepreneurship and partnership. Kochi will continue to be core to future plans for Ignitho and Ignitho Ventures. With Kochi emerging as one of India’s hottest IT hubs of new technology innovation and the amazing talent pool available here, we aim to expand our team in Kochi to 250. To make this happen, we have recently moved to a larger Development Centre in Infopark Phase 2 as the base for our further expansion for now”, says Jijo Olassa, Co-founder and CEO.

“Ignitho has today evolved from a UK start-up established in 2013 to an established scale-up, with a credible track record of long term clients and exponential revenues from its core services business. We already have a number of budding entrepreneurs within our Ignitho Kochi team, keen to give wings to their entrepreneurship goals and work in our focus areas of Artificial Intelligence, Augmented and Virtual Reality. Many have given up financially rewarding positions with Tier-1 organisations like Cognizant, Infosys and Capgemini to join Ignitho, with this in mind. The launch of Ignitho Ventures today is, therefore, a major step, not only for Ignitho as a company but also for our team. We are constantly on the lookout for even more similar like-minded talented professionals to join our team” says Roney Soloman, Co-founder and President

Ignitho’s co-founders Jijo Olassa, Roney Soloman and Vinoo Thomas are senior IT industry professionals who have led business growth and delivery in key western markets for the likes of Accenture, Cognizant, Mindtree and HP, and are based in Ignitho’s London office. Ignitho drives further thought leadership through its peer ecosystem, which today has the leading UK and US based industry experts including former CIO’s and Heads of Technology. This is coupled with a robust joint initiative with UK-based Crimson, for an outcome-based approach from ideation to prototype to rapid scale.

About Ignitho Technologies

Established in 2013 and headquartered in the UK, Ignitho Technologies is focused on delivering enterprise solutions which ignite thought through Technology Innovation. Ignitho is today a credible strategic partner for western enterprises, accelerating their success in the Digital Economy through a unique combination of Frugal Innovation, Peer Guidance and Outcome-Based Solutions.

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