Accelerate your AI & cloud charter with Ignitho and Microsoft.

We specialize in helping you develop the right data strategy for your business using the power of Microsoft Azure solutions.



Power Dashboards

Create flexible self-service dashboards to enhance the data-driven culture at your organization. Ignitho will collaborate with you to analyze the gaps in your information needs and then create the right dashboards to equip your business and operations teams with up-to-the-minute analytics.

Azure Data Lakes

We make it easy for your data scientists and analysts to have the clean data they need at the right time. With well thought-out enterprise integrations we’ll mitigate all the complexities of ingesting and storing your enterprise data.

Azure CDP

CDPs have emerged as a robust solution for targeted use cases in marketing, and operations alike. Ignitho will rapidly enable a fully AI driven CDP for you. We can either integrate data directly from your source systems or create a data lake driven CDP as well.

AI based Insights

Ignitho is well versed with handling the dual challenge of generating AI insights and then operationalizing it. We have a catalog of AI models we can bring to expedite AI insights generation after proper testing. But we also specialize in implementing those insights into operations through a combination of API gateway integrations, robotic process automation (RPA – optionally using the MS Power platform) or other integration methodologies your organization may prefer.

Azure Cloud Migration

Ignitho has helped several clients migrate their application portfolio and analytics to the cloud. Instead of a lift and shift, we carefully and collaboratively analyze the portfolio, and then perform the migration so that benefits are delivered rapidly without any business interruption risk. To ensure agility in innovation and high analytics maturity, adopting the cloud is becoming a necessity.

Data Governance

Ignitho helps you address the challenges with management of data, maintaining compliance, and identifying the sources of truth for better business performance. We leverage Microsoft Purview to provide unified data maps across a diverse technology and data deployment portfolio.

Microsoft Fabric Consulting Services

Unlock the power of AI and revolutionize your data management with Microsoft Fabric. Our Microsoft Fabric Consulting Services bring together AI and all your data sources and analytics services, empowering you to reshape how you access, manage, and act on data and insights.

Microsoft Power BI Consulting services

Enhance your enterprise's analytics capabilities and gain invaluable insights into your business. We harness the power of artificial intelligence, and with Power BI take creative data visualization and analysis to new heights. This provides you with a comprehensive solution that transforms raw data into actionable and impactful intelligence.

Strategy Workshops

Sign up for your CDP strategy workshop available on the MS Azure marketplace.


Read how MS Purview can help with end to end governance

Ashin Antony
Ashin Antony

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Ignitho Technologies

How to Conceptually Think of a Customer Data Platform (CDP)

Ashin Antony
Ashin Antony

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Ignitho Technologies

How to Implement an Enterprise Data Framework

Ashin Antony
Ashin Antony

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Ignitho Technologies

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