Webinar: Charting an Effective Customer Data Platform Roadmap to Operationalize AI

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It is important for enterprises to integrate their AI models seamlessly with their Customer Data Platforms (CDP) and make these AI insights available to business applications in real time. Insights should also be made available for advanced What-If analytics in enterprise reporting dashboards. 

However, a large number of CDP programs turn into a silo aggregation of customer data with basic segmentation capabilities. AI models from across the enterprise are not seamlessly integrated with enterprise BI and reporting tools . Gartner finds that even as investments in AI are increasing, a large number of AI projects still end up not fully operationalized. 

Speakers from Ignitho & Domo will outline an enterprise Customer Data Platform (CDP) framework & the key enabling technology components.

Key takeaways

  • Learn about the conceptual model of a Customer Data Platform 
  • See how to integrate your enterprise AI models 
  • Close the last mile AI adoption challenge by integrating insights with business applications


  • Review data lifecycle of enterprise analytics & AI 
  • Present the conceptual architecture of a Customer Data Platform 
  • Live demo of a CDP solution

Our solutions & accelerators

Intelligent Data Accelerator

Ignitho’s Intelligent Data Accelerator (IDA) for Media uses AI and dramatically reduces the time taken to process incoming campaigns, clickstream, and other data files by ~60%.

Intelligent Quality Accelerator

The AI powered IQA solution automatically generates test cases from user stories, creates test scripts, and automatically spins up test infrastructure infra and test execution environments.

Intelligent Automation Accelerator

Ignitho’s Intelligent Automation Accelerator (IAA) brings the power of AI to core RPA capabilities and reduces initial training and retraining costs by as much as 70%.

Customer Data Platform Accelerator

Ignitho’s CDP accelerator allows implementations in as little as 2 Weeks.

Google Analytics 4 Migration Solution

Use our GA4 migration solution to maintain full history of your Universal Analytics (GA3) data in a unified dashboard instead of having to access GA4 and GA3 reports separately.

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