Customer Data Platform Accelerator for Retail

Ignitho’s CDP accelerator for retail allows implementations in as little as 2 weeks.

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By keeping AI use cases front and center, the Customer Data Platform accelerator for retail provides an integrated solution framework. Your CDP implementation is not just an aggregated repository of customer data with visualizations and basic segmentations. Unlock the power of your data and make it actionable.

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Pre-built AI models

The Customer Data Platform accelerator for retail comes bundled with predefined AI models such as:

1. Promotion uplift analytics
2. Content affinity
3. Cross-sell analytic
4. SKU level demand analytics

Keeping the AI use cases top of mind ensures that your implementations are rapid because the data blueprints are quickly defined. The implementation also meets a very tangible business need.

If additional AI models are needed, they can be added quickly making the accelerator very scalable.

API based Real-Time Integration of AI Insights

The biggest challenge with AI is the last mile integration with your business applications. Ignitho’s CDP accelerator comes with an API layer built in so that the insights can be integrated right into the applications that need them.

These can be:

1. Shopping portals that need real time engagement & promotions 2. Quality information to merchandising teams for better collaboration with suppliers
3. Customer communication systems powered by AI to show customers stockout probability
4. Flag low inventory warnings to warehouse management for restocking or reordering

Advanced What-If Analysis

The CDP accelerator combines AI models and business intelligence as two linked but separate modules. This allows an intuitive what-if analysis of key scenarios such:

1. What will be the churn if we change prices?
2. What engagement will we get on a planned promotion?
3. What will happen to (replacement) purchases if one SKU is out of stock?

The AI based what-if analytics is much more powerful than simple visualizations.

No Data Duplication

Enterprises generally have a global data repository already in place. Depending on how mature that is, duplicating data into a separate CDP may not be desirable.

Ignitho’s CDP accelerator will cater to both scenarios. It can either work in a federated model or it can integrate with multiple data sources and pull the data into a separate CDP repository.

Advanced data integration connectors ensure that any changes in the CDP repository are fed back into the source systems for a 2-way sync.

Rapid Data Integration with Predefined Schemas

The CDP accelerator comes prepared with a set of predefined AI models. This allows us to define the required data schema in enough detail so that data discovery and integration can proceed quickly.

For example, models may require portal click steam data, purchase history, inventory levels information, pricing history, promotions history and so on. The pre-defined record level data layouts make data integration a breeze.

AI Based Intelligent Data Accelerator

Specifically for agencies that process campaign and other data files from multiple clients, there is significant manual effort involved in processing this data and mapping them to the right destination data stores.

The AI based data ingestion accelerator automatically maps incoming data sets to the right destination schema.

This can reduce up to 60% effort in staging and cleaning of data.

Technology Used

To see a 10 minute demo of the Retail CDP Accelerator


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Ashin Antony

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Ashin Antony
Ashin Antony

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

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