Bram WeertsIT Leadership Roles
HFS Research & Gartner

Over the past almost two decades, Bram has honed his experience in growing businesses, change management, branding, marketing, go to market strategies and commercial operations in discussion with hundreds of companies, big and small.

Bram spent the last four years as HFS Research’s CCO and COO. Before HFS, Bram was the Co-Founder and CEO of Kea Company, a global advisory firm that provides strategic guidance and analyst support to vendors of high-tech products and industry analyst firms. Bram also gained knowledge as an analyst and executive at companies including RWE, Dell, TomTom, and Gartner.

Bram acts with a high level of integrity and has a strong passion for diversity. Bram believes that trust is the foundation of all relationships, both private and professional and that this is where it all needs to start to get things moving. He believes that an organization is a group of people with a common objective, so the only way to change the organization and get it on the move in the direction to make it sustainable is together with people.


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