John Cherian

Doug Stein

Consulting & IT Leadership Roles - Express Scripts, Avanade, Mindtree

Beyond the Technical Solution: Delivering Benefits and Creating Value in a Digital World

Most business leaders would agree that getting the most from IT investments is and will continue to be of paramount importance, but in today’s rapidly changing landscape what does that really mean? Moving beyond the traditional concept of simply seeking ROI from technology solution assets, business leaders should consider the value created by the business processes as a whole combined with the enabling technologies that support them....

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John Cherian

John Cherian

Head – India Delivery & IBM i Solutions

How legacy applications still makes sense for IBM ‘i’ users

Legacy application as the word itself suggests is made of one of those technologies which has been around for quite some time now is still considered to be one of the most robust systems in the business world. Out of all the legacy application servers, when compared the amount of implementations worldwide, IBM/AS 400 (later became IBM i Series, System i and IBM i) has an incredible - uptime rate of 99.97% and is still one of the most reliable and secure systems catering to almost - every vertical...

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Marc Dowd

Marc Dowd

Former Principal Advisor
Forrester Research

How CIO Advisory Services can help you develop your IT strategy

For the last 10 years I have been working with the CIO's CTO's and leaders of large IT companies. What I have noticed is that almost invariably they have to produce an IT strategy. What is strange is that often the process of producing an IT strategy is a rather amater affair. This makes sense because there are no courses in how to write a killer IT strategy...

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Rob Pearlman

Rob Pearlman

Former IT Director
Avis Budget Group, AXA

'Why Ignitho' - with a Kochi, Kerala twist

Within the wonderful world of IT it would be fair to say that whatever you want to do there are a myriad of companies that tell you they are the best and they can do whatever you want. Obviously in some instances they are right but in many more they are most certainly wrong. So why should you or anybody else choose to partner with Ignitho to provide their service support ?..

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'Why Ignitho' - with a Kochi, Kerala twist

Rob Pearlman | January, 2017


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Reasons why
outsourcing fails
by Rob Pearlman

Former IT DirectorAvis Budget Group, AXA



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