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Ignitho, a leading name among top Software Development Companies, Philadelphia, USA, delivers software development services for enterprises using a Frugal Innovation methodology – “the ability to do more (& better) with less.”

Our Recognitions
Our Recognitions
Software Development for Companies in Richmond USA
  • The growing demands of today’s IT landscape needs IT leaders to find partners who can deliver rapid application development and management with rapid turnaround times with a provision for timely changes and scalable solutions.
  • Most IT leaders are looking for a partnership that offers the dual mandate of making their workplaces more digital and mobile. This usually happens with top software development companies with a program rigor and approach to top quality without the high-cost overheads, usually associated with big corporates.
Ignitho’s Approach:
  • Ignitho has significantly adopted distributed agile methodology, creating a close and collaborative work environment among the globally dispersed project team members which enables rapid prototyping with quick turnaround times on limited budgets.
  • Ignitho offers a gamut of IT services to its customers with the added option to leverage the experience of our peer ecosystem of industry experts which offers enterprises the ability to collaboratively ideate and successfully deliver results for maximum impact at minimum risk.
Client Testimonials
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Our Value add:

Rapid application development and management guarantee quick turnarounds with timely and cost-effective technology solutions 
A global delivery model leveraging onsite and offshore advantages with continuous improvements in the software development cycle
Continuous integration and reuse of the existing prototypes (components) 

Case Studies
Driving Digital Transformation for a leading UK retail wholesale distributor
Strategic IT partner for a niche Asset Management Firm in the UK
Multi-channel Content Management Solution for a UK Automotive Retailer
E-commerce travel portal for a European tour company

What sets us apart

Innovation led Digital Application Services for enterprises, using Frugal Innovation Methodology, delivering Rapid Application Development & Deployment
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