Rapid Prototyping and Application Development Company in New York, USA

Being one of the front-runners among Rapid Prototyping and Application Development Companies in New York, USA Ignitho has developed the Frugal Innovation methodology – “the ability to do more (& better) with less” and displayed strong technical expertise and reliability.

Our Recognitions
Our Recognitions
Rapid Prototyping and Application Development Companies in New York, USA
  • In the current IT landscape, enterprise leaders are under tremendous pressure to follow an IT model which will help achieve minimum turn-around time from concept to solution delivery.
  • There is a rising demand for a working model which is flexible and leaves room for iterations all while ensuring that a prototype can be delivered within the shortest possible time period at reasonable budgets.
Ignitho’s Approach:
  • At Ignitho, our rapid prototyping and application service focuses on reducing the go to market time for the products by releasing prototypes quickly at reduced costs.
  • Unlike traditional methods like the waterfall, Rapid Application Development emphasizes on the importance of developing an MVP and obtaining user feedback to guide the process over strict planning and requirement recording which helps accomplish the solution at a much quicker pace. 
Client Testimonials
Rapid Prototyping and Application Development Services

Our Value add:

Our service methodology is in collaboration with a world-renowned thought leader in Frugal Innovation from the University of Cambridge
Our unique and strong CIO Ecosystem provides you with peer guidance to “get it right the first time”
Our global Sales & Delivery presence gives you a local touchpoint at every stage of the engagement 

Case Studies
Driving Digital Transformation for a leading UK retail wholesale distributor
Strategic IT partner for a niche Asset Management Firm in the UK
Multi-channel Content Management Solution for a UK Automotive Retailer
E-commerce travel portal for a European tour company

What sets us apart

Innovation led Digital Application Services for enterprises, using Frugal Innovation Methodology, delivering Rapid Application Development & Deployment
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