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Top MEAN Application Development Companies in New York, USA

Ignitho, one of the leading MEAN Development companies in New York, USA has strong technical expertise in leading Open Source technology stacks such as MEAN, LAMP, ROR, CMS such as WordPress & Drupal and partnership with open source communities. Ignitho delivers IT services for the enterprises using a Frugal Innovation methodology – “the ability to do more (& better) with less” – developed in collaboration with a world-renowned thought leader from the University of Cambridge. Ignitho specialises in Rapid Application Development and Scalable Cloud Implementation, with an optional ability to leverage Peer Guidance. Industry analysts such as Bloor Research and TechMarketView have also written feature articles about Ignitho’s disruptive approach to delivering IT services.

Mean Stack Development Services, New York, USA  

The Challenge

  • The usage of a single codebase, where centralized, multi-tier architectures are used to create entire applications affect the scalability of the application slowing down the entire development-deployment process. For this reason, IT directors, and CTOs are on a lookout for open source software development company that can provide services with rapid turnaround times within limited budget.
  • For the IT directors and CTO’s, to achieve faster time to markets using disruptive technologies and improve overall efficiency, it is essential to find a method of combining different software into a single framework and thereby helping to create a modern and intuitive web application. 

Ignitho’s Approach

  • At Ignitho, our technology expertise allows flexibility for clients and delivery of business continuity applications at significantly lesser development costs.
  • Our MEAN stack developers strive to build highly interactive websites and web applications along with dynamic features. MEAN stack includes its own web server so it can be deployed easily, and the database can be scaled on demand to accommodate temporary usage spikes.
  • We focus on Rapid Application Development using MEAN stack technologies and scale these applications as per the client requirements. We build next generation solution for hybrid web app development with full-stack JavaScript. It is truly reliable, faster, and quite flexible for the dynamic web and mobile app development. 

MEAN Stack Application Development Services Provider

Our Value Add

Ignitho’s expertise across multiple open source technologies coupled with the ability to deliver quick results in limited budgets have made us one of the leading open source development companies in New York, USA. Our value-adds include:

  • Our flexibility makes it possible to deploy applications in a method that suits customer requirements.
  • Use of GitHub, Stack Overflow and Active contributors to open source communities ensures security and stability.
  • With zero licensing issues, deployment is often as easy as copying an application to a new host. 

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