Looking for a Reliable & Scalable Cloud Computing Partner in New York, USA?

We are a US- based Innovation led Digital Application Services Company, a trusted name among IT services companies in New York, USA, providing scalable and reliable cloud computing services to enterprises using Frugal Innovation Methodology - "the ability to do more and better with less.” 

Our Recognitions
Our Recognitions
Why Cloud Computing Solutions
  • Cloud is an indispensable addition to today's IT enterprise infrastructure. This transition to the cloud, the consumerization of IT, coupled with the challenge of disparate cloud IT environment and scalability issues requires C-suite executives to find a suitable innovation-led cloud computing partner. 
Ignitho’s Approach:
  • We deploy cloud in the client's digital transformation journey and help them meet their business objectives through our managed cloud services which includes SaaS,  IaaS and PaaS.
  • Our expertise in leading cloud platforms- Amazon Web Services, Windows Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and Rackspace Open Cloud enables a seamless, scalable, secure and agile journey to a cloud infrastructure 
Client Testimonials
Cloud Computing Consulting Services

Our Value add:

Hybrid cloud management services with accelerated time-to-value with ensured ROI.
Proven expertise in Amazon Web Services, Windows Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and Rackspace Open Cloud.
Rapid scale up or down with cloud management technologies
Case Studies
Driving Digital Transformation for a leading UK retail wholesale distributor
Strategic IT partner for a niche Asset Management Firm in the UK
Multi-channel Content Management Solution for a UK Automotive Retailer
E-commerce travel portal for a European tour company

What sets us apart

Innovation led Digital Application Services for enterprises, using Frugal Innovation Methodology, delivering Rapid Application Development & Deployment
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