7 things to know while selecting a software development company in New York

There is no denying or escaping the fact that New York just like some of the other cities around the world, is bustling with enterprises large and small alike who are in the constant lookout for a software development partner. This could be because of a multitude of reasons such as the need for these enterprises to streamline the company process, to expand the organization in scale and size and so on. Enterprises which fail to constantly reinvent themselves often face grave challenges as relevance is key in the present times. When “rapidly changing” is just an understatement when it comes to software development industry, keeping up with the current trends while ensuring longevity is a tough task entrusted upon software development companies that you partner up with.

We at Ignitho constantly interact with CIOs, IT Directors and other enterprise decision makers from the USA, and the common sentiment which arise time and again is that finding and sustaining a smooth relationship with their software development partner is a not an easy feat. This is so especially considering the fact that the success and failure of your company might be hinged on this relationship. We, with our experience in the field of software development have compiled a list of factors that you should keep in mind while choosing a software development company in USA.

Here are our recommendations:

  1. Innovation statement:

    Every software development company in US will be able to produce a vision for themselves but it is their innovation statement that matters as that is a direct testament to the fact that if they are keeping up with the changing technological world. Innovative approach is what is you need to look out for. For example, Frugal Innovation Methodology (the ability to do more and better with less) is an innovative approach to software development that has been gaining momentum in the past years. Ensuring that your potential vendor can think ahead of times and work towards it is definitely important.

  2. Band width to take up your project:

    By band width we mean the space or resources a company can allocate for your specific project and comfortably deliver within time frames of your convenience. Many enterprises are stuck between large software partners and boutique shops. While the big boys might have the resources to deliver your projects, they might also be juggling several at a time and it is not necessary that they be able to prioritise your projects. At the same time small boutique shops might not be equipped to take up your projects and bring them to fruition. It is crucial to verify that your software partner has the capacity to shoulder the responsibility of your size, within the time frame that you require delivery.

  3. Capability of their internal team:

    No matter how many promises a company sales person makes, the project’s quality is determined by the capability of its internal team. Most companies will have a client facing team well versed in software development, but it is not necessarily they who do the actual work. Ensure that the actual team you are going to work with is capable and talented and has the experience to pull it off.

  4. Rapid Application Development:

    In an age when quick and efficient results are what enterprises are looking for, Rapid prototyping and iterative development falling under the umbrella term of RAD (rapid application development) is a wise choice to go with. Companies which follow this methodology are highly successful in churning out quality solutions while staying within budgets and time constraints. They do so by shaving out features that don’t make a real impact and focusing on the core value.

  5. Local presence:

    Communication is key when it comes to selecting a software partner since there will inevitably be iterations and a lot of back and forth between the companies. Hence it is definitely crucial that you have a physical team to collaborate with locally so that project steering meetings can be held face to face. This will not only build trust and accountability but eradicate any miss communications.

  6. Structured and professional approach:

    Professionalism and structure within your partner organisation greatly reflect in the daily interaction with their team. A proper channel of communication and work flow cannot be established without a structure in place. While choosing a software development company in New York make sure you gauge the level of professionalism that they exhibit during your initial interactions.

  7. Post-developmental support:

    The true integrity of a software development company is tested not only during the development process but also after sales. The kind of support you are provided with after matters the most as no matter how perfect the software solution is there are bound to be problems that arise. If the software partner you choose are not willing to take the necessary steps to ease you into the solution they have developed, the whole engagement and collaboration becomes sour. Hence make sure those aspects are discussed before-hand.

    As an enterprise looking for a software development partner in New York, it is crucial to know that it is an uphill task. Choosing the right partner company will take time, patience and effort. These are some of our recommendations for you to make that process simpler. If you are interested to know more about how to select a software development company in New York, connect with us here.


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