5 Factors to Consider While Choosing Your Cloud Deployment Partner in New York

According to the annual studies on CIO priorities and CEO perspectives conducted by Gartner, the overall business trends, as it shifts towards “digital transformation” presents several challenges to the C- level executives. Game changing technologies such as AI, data analytics and cloud will remain in the forefront and adapting themselves to this changing backdrop is the only way to remain relevant.

When digital initiatives and growth will remain top priorities in 2019, CIOs and IT leaders across the board will shift their focus more and more on finding partners with a keen interest and strong foothold in technology innovation. Finding a partner who can deliver custom solutions will no more suffice in this dynamic landscape. Partnering with innovative companies who can not only bring revolutionary ideas to the table but also implement it within their solutions will be desired and sought after.

Leveraging disruptive technologies, rebalancing project portfolio and focusing on creating new business opportunities are goals that a C-level executive in US today is presented with. Cloud is one such powerful and inventive technology which is inevitable for businesses to shift to; to not only remain significant and fit into the current era of digitization but also to aid their business growth. Cloud is changing how businesses and other organisations operate, altering IT infrastructures and overhauling entire industries. Enterprises today, while welcoming this shift, are proceeding with caution. It is here that they need a partner who can guide them through this transition and thereafter help them maintain the momentum by providing timely services and efficient management.

There are a number of companies providing cloud deployment and implementation services in New York, US. However, choosing the right partner might prove to be the difference between the success and failure of your enterprise. Here are some of the vital factors that need to be considered while choosing your cloud deployment partner:

  1. Leadership team

    Within companies the zeal, passion and dedication of its employees is a direct reflection of that of its leadership team. The pedigree of your partner company will clearly be indicated in their capacity to follow industry best practices and visualize, plan and execute long term goals.

    Ignitho’s co-founders have previously led business units for the likes of Accenture, Mindtree, Cognizant and HP and they bring this experience and eye for quality solutions to our client engagements.

  2. Global sales and delivery presence

    Ensuring that your cloud deployment partner remain accountable through out the engagement is crucial. This can be achieved to a large extent by making sure that you are in constant interaction with a local team as opposed to a completely remote, off shore company. Several challenges may arise during the course of the engagement and project steering decisions might have to be made, in such scenarios having a local touch point might come in as a vital factor.

    At Ignitho, our Leadership Team and programme/project management team are based out of our New York office; this is in addition to the local development centre/innovation lab we have in Richmond and an offshore development centre in Kochi, India.

  3. Responsiveness and consistency

    Judging your potential cloud implementation partner’s responsiveness to your queries and questions should begin from your initial contact onwards. Before hiring a company to guide you through your cloud requirements, it is only wise to ensure that they are prompt with their responses. Gauge them based on factors like the delay in responding to your calls and emails and consistency in their communications. This could be indicative of their approach towards the project as well.

    Maintaining consistency in our software solutions is one of our key focus areas. Our senior professionals have joined us from the likes of Capgemini and Infosys etc and they ensure that the we prove to be a reliable cloud deployment partner to our clients.

  4. Cost effective delivery

    Flexibility and cost cutting are some of the many reasons why enterprises are shifting towards cloud. Achieving these goals must be priority. The use of minimum infrastructure and reducing cost of hardware are effective ways to ensure cost effective cloud deployment.

    We at Ignitho pride ourselves in having effectively served several clients while staying within strict budgets.

  5. Reputation and other intangibles

    When the list of companies providing cloud deployment services is a long one, one must assess their market reputation, which should definitely be an important parameter that has to be taken into account. It is only logical to evaluate the reputation of your potential cloud deployment partner among your peers. Reviews and testimonials on platforms like Clutch, Goodfirms etc can be assessed. Similarly, factors like values, company culture, overall vision etc are not easy to define or quantize but often prove to be exceptionally important in the smooth running of the partnership.

    To conclude, finding the right cloud implementation partner comes with a long list of requirements. However, the above mentioned are some core factors to be taken care of for a perfect hire. If you are interested to know more on “factors to consider while choosing a cloud deployment partner in the US” please do connect with us here.


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