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Ignitho, delivers Digital IT Application services for the enterprises using a Frugal Innovation methodology – “the ability to do more (& better) with less” – developed in collaboration with a world-renowned thought leader from the University of Cambridge. Ignitho specialises in Rapid Application Development and Scalable Cloud Implementation, with an optional ability to leverage Peer Guidance. Ignitho, is recognised as one of the leading Open Source Development companies in Brighton, has strong technical expertise in leading Open Source technology stacks such as MEAN, LAMP, ROR, CMS such as WordPress, Drupal and partnership with open source communities. Industry analysts such as Bloor Research and TechMarketView have also written feature articles about Ignitho’s disruptive approach to delivering IT services. 

Open Source Development
for Companies in Brighton, UK  

The Challenge

  • The ever increasing need to deliver more functionality across multiple channels without proprietary lock-ins' and inability to customise software has put the IT leaders in a predicament. 
  • IT Directors, CTO’s and program managers today are looking for Digital IT application service providers to face the challenge of increasing their business value by improving the technologies and processes that help deliver it. These IT leaders need to look for open source development companies with capabilities of multiple & custom platform development to increase their business value. 

Ignitho’s Approach

  • We work on the latest of the technologies from Open Source to help our clients to meet these challenges and improve their overall business utilising the best of Open Source technology. We deliver top notch services and have adapted for the purpose to structure a global delivery model. 
  • Ignitho’s strong technical expertise in leading Open Source technology stacks such as MEAN, LAMP, ROR, CMS’ such as WordPress, Drupal, and partnership with open source communities have enabled us to be listed among the Top Software Development Companies in Brighton, UK. 
  • Ignitho’s technical team includes senior professionals who have previously led and successfully completed critical projects for the likes of Infosys, Capgemini, and Cognizant. Our rapid application development capability delivers more functionalities across multiple platforms, including both mobile and desktop, on limited budgets. 

Open Source Development Services -

Our Value Add

Ignitho’s ability to deliver quick results in limited budgets and expertise across multiple open source technologies and have made us one of the leading open source development companies in Brighton, UK. Our value-adds include:

  • Use of GitHub, Stack Overflow and Active contribution and participation in various open source communities
  • Ability to work on emerging open source technologies based on customer demands
  • Ability to deliver quick outcomes on limited budgets 
  • Local presence at your preferred location such as Brighton, Sussex and Surrey

Local Presence

46 New Broad Street,
London, EC2M 1JH
Sussex Innovation Centre, University of
Sussex, Brighton, BN1 9SB

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A disruptive new approach to IT Application Services, using Frugal Innovation Methodology, delivering scalable Outcome-based Solutions for enterprises looking for accelerated growth in the digital economy
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