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Ignitho, a leading Distributed Agile Software Development Company, London, UK, delivers software development services for the enterprises using a Frugal Innovation methodology – “the ability to do more (& better) with less." 

Our Recognitions
Our Recognitions
Distributed Agile Development Companies in London, UK
  • In a Distributed Agile model of software development where the teams are geographically distributed, IT leaders often face the challenge of having rapid turnaround times from concept to solution delivery.
  • With globally dispersed teams raising issues like budget and time constraints, scope creep and communication gap, IT directors are on a lookout for partners who offer a collaborative work environment despite geographic disparities.
Ignitho’s Approach:
  • Our Distributed Agile methodology follows a close and collaborative working environment between the geographically dispersed teams, leveraging both onsite and offshore advantages.
  • Our business associates keep tabs on the changing business needs which can quickly be translated into meaningful, timely and cost-effective technology solutions.
Client Testimonials
Distributed Agile Development Services

Our Value add:

Rapid turnaround times along with timely and cost-effective technology solutions
A global delivery model leveraging onsite and offshore advantages with a strong onsite presence with offices and business associates present in London, UK

Continuous improvements, high visibility & tracking and an ability to start small on limited budgets.

Case Studies
Driving Digital Transformation for a leading UK retail wholesale distributor
Strategic IT partner for a niche Asset Management Firm in the UK
Multi-channel Content Management Solution for a UK Automotive Retailer
E-commerce travel portal for a European tour company

What sets us apart

Innovation led Digital Application Services for enterprises, using Frugal Innovation Methodology, delivering Rapid Application Development & Deployment
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