In last few years, Digital Transformation have taken most of the IT directors and CIO’s on a roller-coaster ride. The reason behind this is because, enterprises are slowly moving away from on-site data centres to the cloud setup. This consumerisation of IT and the enterprises’ now total dependence on technology has escalated the demands on nearly every CIO. The IT Directors and the CIO community face the challenge of disparate cloud IT environment and top of the roof operational costs alongside the data integration and scalability issues. To reduce the costs and complexities, CEO and other senior executives need to take responsibility for bringing their organisations into the era of scalable cloud implementation.

Ignitho's Scalable Cloud Implementation services offers enterprises many efficiencies and benefits for controlling costs, streamlining performance, and simplifying operations and management. At Ignitho we approach continual service improvements (CSI) holistically and break down the barrier between IaaS and SaaS. Coupled with our frugal approach – “the ability to do more with less” our scalable cloud implementation service maintains a working order to facilitate continuous monitoring, improvements, development, integration and delivery within limited budget.

Our Scalable Cloud Implementation Technologies

At Ignitho we focus our scalable cloud implementation with the collection of technologies aimed to provide seamless computing. Below is the list of cloud implementation services we offer:

  • Virtualization of computing resources

    Amazon EC2, OpenNebula, Open Stack Compute

  • Scalable file storage

    Amazon S3, GFS, HDFS

  • Scalable batch processing

    PACT, Microsoft Dryad , Google Pregel, Berkeley Spark, Google MapReduce, Apache Hadoop

  • Scalable datastore

    Amazon Dynamo, Apache Cassandra, Google Bigtable, HBase

  • Distributed Consensus

    Google Chubby, Apache Zookeeper

  • Scalable Web applications hosting

    Google App Engine, Microsoft Azure, Heroku

Our Scalable Cloud Implementation Methodology - Our Value Add

Our Scalable Cloud Implementation services will help you to deliver applications and services at high speed; scaling and improving products at a faster pace than organisations using traditional infrastructure. Scalable Cloud Implementation should be viewed as a game-changer for CIO, CTO and IT Director.

  • Continual Service Improvements

  • Improved management of data growth and backup

  • Reducing the cost of hardware and infrastructure

  • Increased flexibility

Benefits of working with us


Our expertise come from our team's background in Tier 1 service providers, we deliver with the same programme rigour and approach to top quality, without the engagement overheads of bigger industry player


Our service methodology is in collaboration with a world-renowned thought leader in Frugal Innovation from the University of Cambridge


Our unique and strong CIO Ecosystem provides you with peer guidance to “get it right the first time”


Our global Sales & Delivery presence gives you a local touchpoint at every stage of the engagement

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