IT leaders in enterprises are looking today for peer guidance to foresee potential game changers, convert them into opportunities and build successful companies. Virtuoso Peers is our unique platform consisting of industry experts who are former CIOs and pioneers in their respective industries, well experienced ‘who have been there done that’ and are well aware of the next technological wave that could disrupt the industry.

Virtuoso Peers offers a unique experience to both experts as well as enterprises through our ‘Fractional CIO’ concept – a unique model through which experts and enterprises can mutually agree upon a fixed time of engagement broken down to hourly units spanning weeks, months or even a whole calendar year. This enables our experts to provide a laser sharp focus of involvement with their clients while on the other hand our clients benefit by achieving significant cost efficiencies by effectively utilizing the expert’s time and resources.

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A disruptive Frugal approach to Technology Innovation, leveraging the Experience of Industry Experts and delivering scalable Outcome-based solutions for enterprises in today’s digital economy

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