Ignitho Ventures is Ignitho’s in-house IP (Intellectual Property) creation platform, through which Ignitho develops business ideas into scalable technical solutions and brings them to enterprises in key western markets like the US and the UK.

Ignitho Ventures is a disruptive new model unlike traditional incubators and accelerators, where the focus is on supporting Innovators having visionary ideas with a platform of complete physical and technical infrastructure, along with financial and management support. IP is created around successful product ideas, which are then eventually spun off into standalone corporate entities. In Ignitho Ventures, Innovators benefit from a solid platform to think big, start small, learn quickly and scale fast when building on initial success.

Ignitho has several unique factors to its advantage to enable success for the Ignitho Ventures initiative. To begin with, in a departure from the traditional startup model, the approach is “market first”, where the starting point is to address the business and technology needs of western enterprises, which Ignitho already interacts with daily. This assures a ready market of enterprise customers willing to co-ideate and co-innovate from day one, assuring product success down the line.

Ignitho drives further thought leadership through its peer ecosystem, which today contains the “who’s who” of ex-CIO’s and senior industry experts, dubbed Virtuoso Peers. This is coupled with a robust joint initiative with UK-based Crimson, dubbed Virtuoso Team, for an outcome-based approach from ideation to prototype to rapid scale.

Ignitho Ventures encourages entrepreneurship and wealth creation for the Innovators involved in the life cycle from ideation to viable product. This is in line with Ignitho’s Vision 2025 to create 20 successful B2B product companies by the year 2025 and take five of these to IPO.

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