Enterprises today are opening their doors to attract hitherto unheard of talent brewing in startup ecosystems across the world. Ignitho Accelerator brings together such enterprises and budding B2B startups on a single platform from where synergies can be built to help develop each other through a seamlessly integrated and collaborative model. We bring enterprises to access niche startup ideas from markets especially from India.

Frugal Innovations in the business-to-business (B2B) engagements, though in its nascent stages as compared to the more mature and proliferating business-to-customer (B2C) space, continue to help companies incorporate new business models, processes and people-to-people interactions within and outside their organizations. However, the lack of direct interactions between the B2B startups and their potential customers have led to the gradual decline in disruptive innovations in this space.

It is this gap in the B2B space that we aim to bridge through Ignitho Accelerator. Through Ignitho accelerator we constantly identify and vet later stage product ideas which have got certain traction in the local markets (currently focused on India) and have a fitment in the western markets (especially UK and US).

Are you a B2B startup interested to be part of Ignitho Accelerator?

Are you a B2B startup in India with a traction in the domestic market (India) and looking to establish yourself in the western markets (UK and US)? Ignitho Accelerator with a strong presence in the western markets coupled with our deep technology expertise complementing our core services offers you the ideal platform to help you set foot in the western world.

B2B products with a
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Find potential
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Ignitho Accelerator offers you


Extensive sales network in Western markets: With our wide ranging network of sales experts based out of UK and US markets, we offer extensive sales support in terms of managing product sales to closure of deals in the western markets.


Highly experienced Advisory Board: Through our global CIO network, extending across various industry sectors and geographies, we offer valuable advisory services in terms of marketing the new product, identifying potential high profile customers and overall management strategy.


Offshore Support and Handholding: With our offshore resources on-board to support you throughout the journey, we provide necessary space, guidance, and resources to ensure a professional handholding experience.

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