Multi-channel Content Management Solution
for a UK Automotive Retailer

Multi-channel Content Management Solution for a UK Automotive Retailer
Business Drivers

Cox Motor Group, a leading UK based car dealership chain, was facing huge challenges in terms of managing their highly de-centralized data scattered across various systems and multiple locations. The challenge was particularly severe in their used car business, where increased competition and valuable cash flow tied up in used car stock meant that they needed to quickly digitise data and make used cars available across multiple online channels including desktop, mobile and tablet. The effort required to aggregate and maintain vast amount of scattered data only compounded the problem further.

We were approached by the business owners to conceptualise and build a new technology solution, which would lead to increased sales, decreased inventory, augmented online visibility and improved after-sales customer service.

Our Solution

With a view to enhancing Cox Motor Group's online presence and user experience, while at the same time integrating all the dispersed data feeds in as little a time as possible, we developed a comprehensive Content Management System for Cox Motor Group. Through our CMS, Cox Motor Group was able to augment their business model online to attract more customers. Our centralized Feed Management Service enabled our customer to collect and manage data feeds from multiple locations and third party vendors (for example Auto Exposure, 2nd Byte, JTK) into a single centralized system. Through the Feed Management Service, Cox Motor Group could also view and use data in a user friendly manner by filtering data as per branch location(s).

Business users were able to automatically update used car data across different branches onto the Cox Motor Group website through our Subscriber Data Model based system. The entire application was developed using the LAMP software bundle (Open Source Technology), which includes Linux Operating System, Apache Web Server, MySQL Database Management System and PHP programming language.

Business Benefits

Our solution enabled Cox Motor Group improve operational efficiency by significantly reducing their cost by 75 per cent. The enhanced online presence through our upgraded Mobile and Web platforms provided them with a competitive presence in the digital market place. Significantly, the biggest bottleneck for Cox Motor Group - Data Management and Maintenance - was overcome through our centralized Data Management System which helped reduce manual intervention by more than 90%.

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