Ignitho Innovation Labs is Ignitho’s platform to frugally innovate with enterprises on co-ideating and co-creating experimental prototypes on limited budgets, using new technologies. With an initial focus on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality, Ignitho already has a track record of successfully delivering solutions in these technologies for western enterprise customers. The Ignitho Innovation Labs platform enables close collaboration between Ignitho and its enterprise customers using a 4-stage development model:

Stakeholders on both sides become “Co-Innovators” and Engage on identifying objectives and outcomes, Ideate in human-centric ways and develop a Prototype, which can be showcased to other stakeholders in the enterprise, leading up to a full Launch. A prototype-based approach allows enterprises to make critical decisions during the early stages, thereby reducing risk in large scale investments. This allows for a low risk, high impact experimentation with new ideas that would improve the existing ways of doing business as well as open new revenue channels. Ignitho Innovation Labs, by virtue of close collaboration with its enterprise customers in this highly integrated model, enables a seamless transition from a potentially scalable prototype into a fully functional solution.

Experimenting new ideas…

Collaborate with enterprises
through brainstorming

Develop a prototype of
the proposed solution

Take the prototype
to market

Ignitho Innovation Labs – Our advantage


Strong industry focus through our pool of industry experts: By collaborating with enterprises, we help them experiment new ideas that would improve the existing ways of doing business and also promises a great market potential.


Technology focus with eyes on latest technologies: With our highly motivated and agile teams spread across our offices, you can join and work together right from idea generation or brainstorming to developing a potentially shippable prototype.


Highly integrated model of development: Through our highly integrated model, we enable seamless transition of a potentially scalable prototype from the labs to ventures platform to facilitate further development into a fully functional solution.

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