7 Tips on how to select an IT services company in Cologne, Germany

With the rapidly changing business landscape of Cologne, Frankfurt, Germany, CIOs, CTOs and IT leaders across the board are under tremendous pressure to deliver quick results. It is under these circumstances, the need for a top-notch IT services partner becomes a pressing issue. When the sole difference between the success and failure of your enterprise could be the effectiveness of your IT partner, choosing the right one is an uphill task. Add to this the fact that there are a number of IT services companies cropping up by the day. Weeding out companies which aren’t the best fit for your enterprise should be a process worth spending time on.

Ignitho has an established itself as one of the top IT services companies in Germany with our Frugal Innovation Methodology in place, developed in collaboration with world-renowned thought leader from the University of Cambridge. We have been recognised by industry analysts such as Bloor Research and TechMarketView. We at Ignitho decided to conduct a dipstick survey to gauge the different challenges and hurdles faced by the C-level executives while choosing an IT services company given the current scenario of the technological world where enterprises lean heavily on their IT partners to constantly reinvent themselves to stay relevant. From this survey partaken by over a 100 executives, we gathered particulars that has informed us to create a list of questions that need to be answered before choosing an IT services partner for your enterprise. The questions are as follows:

  • 1. Do your potential IT partner have a strong leadership team?

    The strength and spirit of a team is directly proportional to that exhibited by the leadership of the company. The diligence and rigour of the leadership team naturally trickle down to the employee level. Also, their expert guidance is crucial in steering the team towards delivering quality solutions on a consistent basis. The pedigree of your partner company will directly reflect in their capacity to follow industry best practices and visualize, plan and execute long-term goals.

    At Ignitho, our co-founders have previously led business units for the likes of Accenture, Mindtree, Cognizant and HP and they bring this experience and eye for quality solutions to our client engagements.

  • 2. Do they have the right credentials and enjoy a good reputation within the industry?

    One of the first things to verify while choosing the IT partner for your enterprise is to verify their credentials. No matter what they have to say about themselves, it is vital that you cross-check this information using independent third-party platforms. Their technical proficiency should also be enquired about. Reviews and testimonials on platforms like Clutch, Goodfirms etc can be assessed.

    Similarly, it is only wise to inquire about the reputation of your potential IT partner among your peers. Reviews and testimonials of the company from within the industry will provide a clear insight into the quality and expertise exhibited by them.

    At Ignitho, we believe that it is supremely important to maintain our goodwill in the industry through our exemplary solutions as well as continued support. We encourage our potential clients to gauge us based on our clients’ direct or indirect experience with us. Industry analysts such as Bloor Research has acknowledged this and has written feature articles on Ignitho and the Frugal Innovation Methodology that we follow.

  • 3. Do they have the ability to start small?

    Most IT leaders prefer to test the waters before fully committing to a full-fledged project. They would rather start working on smaller projects and see quick results within a limited budget and timeframe, before scaling up the engagement.

    Ignitho has the resources and infrastructure in place in the form of our project/ programme management capability in London, local presence in Cologne, our development capacity in Brighton and our Offshore Development Centre in Kochi, India to work on and deliver small to large scale projects.

  • 4. Can they deliver consistently?

    The consistency that is maintained by your software partner and the kind of quality they maintain is what matters at the end of the day. Ensuring that your potential software vendor is able to deliver on these fronts is hence a prime concern. By giving your potential partner, short four to eight-week engagements and monitoring their process and delivery is the best way to validate the company’s capacity to handle them. If they can perform consistently, then they probably have it embedded in their DNA.

    Maintaining consistency in our software solutions is one of our key focus areas. Our senior professionals have joined us from the likes of Capgemini and Infosys etc and they ensure that the solutions that Ignitho develop are perfect to suit custom requirements of our clients.

  • 5. Do they have an onsite presence?

    Your potential IT partner’s onsite presence is crucial not only in terms of maintaining a local touch point throughout the engagement, but it will also ensure that project steering meetings can be held face to face eliminating any chance of miscommunication. This also contributes to the overall accountability, trust and transparency within the arrangement.

    At Ignitho, our Leadership Team and programme/project management team are based out of our London office; this is in addition to the local development centre/innovation lab we have in Brighton at the Sussex Innovation Centre, local presence in Cologne and an offshore development centre in Kochi, India.

  • 6. Can they deliver quality and timely after sales support?

    Delivering the perfect solution is the promise that every IT services company makes. But in the real world, no service is perfect. It is hence critical that the software partner that you choose also provides the best after-sales support and maintenance.

    With customer satisfaction as the number one goal, we at Ignitho is fully committed to providing the best support and maintenance.

  • 7. Can their company values align with yours?

    Values, company culture and other intangibles are points that are often overlooked. Though these cannot be quantised, they always prove to be vital in terms of establishing a good rapport between the companies. These intangibles will reveal itself during the course of your interaction. These are critical to the smooth running of the partnership. It will be wise to assess the potential partner on these fronts as well.

    Finding the right IT services company in Cologne comes with a long list of requirements. However, the above mentioned are some core factors to be taken care of for a perfect hire.

    If you are interested to know more on “How to select an IT services company in Cologne, Germany” please do connect with us here.


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