5 Things to consider while selecting a Top IT Services Company for enterprises in Helsinki

Today CIO’s, business and IT leaders have an added responsibility to transform their businesses into a better enterprise. The new age decision makers, drive their business through dynamic markets, delivering on an architecture that is built on a scalable platform and which has the capability of rapid response and providing tools that offer insight and decision support.

If you are a CIO or IT Director looking for Rapid Application Development and Scalable Cloud Implementation, you may often struggle with getting attention from the typical “big boy” IT Services companies, and equally you may struggle to work with many of the boutique shops who lack the programme rigour and approach to quality standard like these big boys. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t any IT Services companies in Helsinki who fills this gap.

So, what are the top 5 things to look out for while selecting a Top IT Services company in Helsinki?

  • 1. Ability to start small

    The CIOs, IT Directors and Programme Managers we surveyed tell us that their preference is to begin engaging with partners in a small way and see quick results within a limited budget and timeframe, before scaling up the engagement.

    Ignitho already actively promotes this model and has an impressive, referenceable track record in it, having started some of our initial projects for budgets £50K, and sometimes as low as £10k to £20k. We can do this by optimally integrating our project/ programme management capability in London, and local presence in Helsinki and our Offshore Development Centre in Kochi, India.

  • 2. Verified Credentials

    Investigate whether the top IT Services companies you are seeking to engage with have worked with some of your counterparts in your industry, sector or geography. This will reduce the amount of time ‘getting to know your business/sector’. Use independent third-party platforms to verify their client credentials. There’s a big difference between claiming something and having it independently verified. Validate the level of technical proficiency as well before you enter into an agreement.

    For example, Ignitho, whose name is a composite of "igniting thought", has been recognised by industry analysts such as TechMarketView, and Bloor Research for our disruptive new approach to IT Application Services for enterprises, using Frugal Innovation methodologies.

  • 3. Rigour and passion of the larger corporates

    Large-scale enterprise IT service providers often fail to adapt to the needs and unique challenges of enterprises in Helsinki. Look out for top IT Services companies with a clear focus on your type and size of the enterprise, with an ability to deliver right-fit solutions with the same programme rigour and approach to top quality, without the engagement overheads of large enterprise software vendors.

    For example, Ignitho’s co-founders have previously led business units for the likes of Accenture, Mindtree, Cognizant and HP, with an experience of delivering solutions for enterprises in Helsinki. Ignitho is uniquely placed to leverage this experience and that of Ignitho’s other senior professionals, who have joined the team from the likes of Capgemini and Infosys.

  • 4. Global & consistent delivery capability

    A vendor having a sub-contracted or fully contracted local team will just not cut it for enterprises in Helsinki. With multiple organisations involved or lack of accountability with contractors or sub-contractors, this will inevitably create issues over time. When identifying a partner, check on their local presence and development capacity. If this is in place, validate their ability to keep development costs down by leveraging low-cost locations for box-standard code cutting and testing tasks. For example, Ignitho has local presence in Helsinki and, Ignitho’s partnership with The Nordic Frugal Innovation Society, proves that our Frugal Innovation methodology is a cost-effective way for software development.

  • 5. Abdication During Handover Period

    Your board ultimately don’t care who provides the IT service if it is delivered correctly, timely and to cost and quite rightly the IT management team are held to account to provide that service so don’t pick a supplier and think everything is complete at point of selection. You need to work together to achieve the benefits.

    At Ignitho, we collaborate on methodology with a world-renowned thought leader in Frugal Innovation (the ability to ‘Do More & Better With Less’) from the University of Cambridge, Ignitho specialises in:

    • Innovation Services – The ability to start small and deliver quick outcomes on limited budgets for the web, mobile and cloud.
    • Innovation Ventures – Nurturing business ideas on limited budgets through Ignitho Ventures into viable products, in collaboration with Enterprises.

    The above are only key highlights. If you are interested to know more on how to Identify a Top IT Services company for your enterprise, please do connect with us here.


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