5 Factors to consider while identifying a Top Software Development Company in Helsinki

Need for identifying a top software development company

The C-Level executives and the IT directors and program managers in the UK, whom we interact with on a regular basis at Ignitho, tell us that they are often caught between the lack of attention from the large software vendors and the sea of nearshore & offshore vendors. This is acute for IT Directors, who tell us that they would rather stay focused on outcomes than worrying about the logistics of making IT outsourcing work with the Software Development Companies in the nordics or offshore.

Searching for the correct IT partner for your Software Development needs can be daunting at times. It is not uncommon that after a long process of evaluating a nearshore / offshore vendor, you find yourself in a situation where simply nothing quite fits. If the need is rapidly developing a minimum viable product and bringing it to the market at the shortest time span and scaling it post deployment based on the requirements, many of the boutique shops fall short of the commitment and approach to quality which is the norm with the big boys. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t any Software Development Companies in the Nordics who fills this gap.

For example, Ignitho’s co-founders have more than 6 decades of experience in leading business units for the likes of Mindtree, Cognizant, Accenture, and HP. The other senior professionals who have joined Ignitho from the likes of Infosys and Capgemini, enables us to deliver for our customers with the approach to top quality, without the engagement outlays of large software development firms.

Following are our recommendations while Identifying Top Software Development Companies in Nordics for your needs:

  • 1. Experienced management

    Does your IT partner have a leadership team that has the pedigree to jointly plan for development and scalability, and to bring the best practices in the Industry? In addition to this, look for an IT partner who has their management team based in the Nordics, so that important discussions and regular project steering committee meetings could be done face to face at least occasionally, avoiding the problems that might impact while conversing with offshore/nearshore management team.

  • 2. Leveraging Nearshore/ Offshore

    With an IT partner, who has a strong local presence and a nearshore development capacity in the UK, the next key criteria to look for is the partner’s ability to keep development costs down through offshore development centre. For example, Ignitho has nearshore, development and innovation centre at Brighton and offshore development centre at Kochi, India.

  • 3. Industry expertise

    Select an IT partner who understands your industry, and process. For example, if you are looking to adopt agile, pick a partner who uses agile. Ensure they understand your context. For example, Ignitho’s approaches software development utilising the best of Distributed Agile methodology.

  • 4. Process Oriented

    The selected IT partner’s process-oriented approach to solution delivery will determine how smooth the communication process will eventually be. This applies both operational and delivery issues. Companies who don’t have global experience don’t realize the importance of good communication between the client and the IT partner. For example, at Ignitho we have a team who have worked with clients from across the globe, which has helped us to bring in process-oriented approach to project delivery and operations.

  • 5. Check References

    Check online for both positive and negative reviews of your prospective IT partner. Refer independent review sites like Clutch and GoodFirms to find out what your prospective IT partner’s previous customers say about them. For example, riding on the success of multiple projects and client testimonials, Ignitho was named one of the top IT services and software development companies for UK.

    These are our recommendations on factors to consider while identifying a Top Software Development Company in Helsinki. For more information connect with us here.

More about Ignitho

Ignitho Technologies is a Digital Technology Solutions company, recognised as a market leader in IT Application Services for the enterprises using Frugal Innovation methodologies - “the ability to do more with less” – developed in collaboration with a world-renowned though leader from the University of Cambridge. Ignitho specialises in Rapid Application Development and Scalable Cloud Implementation, with an optional ability to leverage Peer Guidance. Ignitho, whose name is a composite of "igniting thought", has been recognised by industry analysts such as TechMarketView, and Bloor Research for Ignitho’s disruptive new approach to IT Application Services for enterprises. Ignitho brings its software development services to customers through its headquarters in London, UK, and offices in San Jose, USA, and its development centres in Brighton, UK and Kochi, India.


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