Antti ÖhrlingLeadership Roles
Rovio (maker of Angry Birds), Jolla

I am passionate about the things I do. I am an innovative & energetic business leader and go-to-market specialist with strong credentials and insights acquired from Retail, Publishing & Media, Advertising, IT & Telecommunications and Gaming industries. I have lived and worked in Europe, USA, China, Southeast Asia and India.

I have held positions as a corporate executive and I am also a founder of several companies. I have grown big companies bigger, streamlined operations in others to become more profitable and started companies from scratch. One thing common to all of these different type of leadership tasks is entrepreneurial spirit. I believe it’s good for all organizations regardless of their size. And as a leader my priority is to serve my team and to help them to succeed.

My pro bono activities include e.g. The Nordic Frugal Innovation Society as a co-founder, mentoring several start-ups and giving my time to Genesis Charity Foundation as their International Advisor.

I have over 20 international patents; however, I am not technology specialist - I am a business specialist.


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Innovation led Digital Application Services for enterprises, using Frugal Innovation Methodology, delivering Rapid Application Development & Deployment
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