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Rahul Unnikrishnan
Lead Business Analyst

“I joined Ignitho after successful stints in Capgemini and Infosys in senior project roles. At Ignitho, I take pride in having been part of the core team that set up our Kochi Development centre in Infopark. I am currently leading Ignitho’s Labs initiative in Kochi, working with new technologies like Machine Learning and AR/VR. My active collaboration with the likes of 100 Open Start-ups and Kerala Startup Mission makes my role very exciting. I’m eagerly looking forward to starting my own entrepreneurial journey through Ignitho Ventures.”

Aravind MI
Lead Software Developer

"I have been part of the team from the initial days. More than colleagues, we bond together as a family. Working at Ignitho is a mixture of fun and challenges. As part of the technical team, I have learned a lot by directly interacting with UK-based clients and working with CIO's and Industry leaders there."

Seby Santhosh
Lead Software Tester

"It is both a joy and a sense of pride to be part of a team driven by the spirit of entrepreneurship and collaborative work culture. Ample opportunities for direct interaction with our clients in UK and exposure to latest industry trends makes my role at Ignitho very exciting."

Geetha Damodaran
Business Analyst

"Having completed 6 years working in large corporates, I was looking for an opportunity to work in an environment of fast growth with plenty of learning, in an open-door environment. At Ignitho, my goals and aspirations are fully in sync and it just works for me. I’m playing the role of a senior BA and also leading large projects using the latest Agile methodologies, working with our clients in the UK and US. Ignitho Innovation Labs & tech-talk days gives me ample opportunities to experiment and learn outside of my projects. For me, Ignitho continues to be an amazing place to learn, unlearn, grow, discover & reinvent myself."

Govind Thachappully
Associate PHP Developer

"It's been more than a year that I have been with Ignitho and the journey continues to be exciting. As a PHP Developer, I have been closely aligned with senior IT professionals working in some of the challenging projects for our UK & US clients. Ignitho provides an encouraging environment of self- learning through continuous support and guidance. The culture is fun & passionate, and I can't be more proud to be a part of this exciting journey"

Kiran Varghese
Open - Source Developer

"As a fresher and a passionate developer, I had opportunities to learn and explore more about various front-end, back-end and mobile technologies. Ignitho has helped me to nurture this passion and helped me to expand my knowledge, all these while gaining invaluable experience by being closely aligned with senior IT professionals working in some of the challenging projects for our UK & US clients. As an integral part of Ignitho Innovation Labs, I have also got the opportunity to work on Virtual and Augmented Reality as well, which is inching me towards my dream of becoming a Technical Architect."

Akhil Baby
Lead - Cloud and Infrastructure

"As someone who is passionate and goal driven, I always look out for opportunities to explore and expand my horizons. Ignitho turned out to be a suitable fit for my personality and expertise. While here in my role as Lead - Cloud and Infrastructure, I have had the opportunity to closely work with various US and UK clients and we helped them in managing their cloud and infrastructure, cost effectively. I have also performed several challenging mail migrations and provided recommendations for their existing cloud infrastructures. While handling the cloud and infrastructure of Ignitho, I was able to help in reducing the overall operation costs of the company. The opportunity to be part of a team which is equally passionate and enthusiastic to learn and nurture their talents has helped me shape my skills and push the boundaries".

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