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Madeline Nugent
Sourcing & Recruitment Lead- US

"I have had the pleasure of joining Ignitho as the Sourcing and Recruitment Lead for the US team, while also taking on the role of BA on certain accounts. As a global company, Ignitho is constantly challenging me to be a better communicator, something that has helped me in many different areas of my life. At Ignitho, I get to work closely with our US clientele, handling projects that are engaging and interactive. The values of Ignitho; Passion, Performance, and Integrity; are extremely apparent in the core values of everyone on the team, and I am very lucky to be a part of such an inviting work atmosphere."

Geetha Damodaran
Head- Project Delivery (Offshore)

"Having completed 6 years working in large corporates, I was looking for an opportunity to work in an environment of fast growth with plenty of learning, in an open-door environment. At Ignitho, my goals and aspirations are fully in sync and it just works for me. I’m playing the role of Project Delivery Head and also leading large projects using the latest Agile methodologies, working with our clients in the UK and US. Ignitho Innovation Labs & tech-talk days gives me ample opportunities to experiment and learn outside of my projects. For me, Ignitho continues to be an amazing place to learn, unlearn, grow, discover & reinvent myself."

Aravind MI
Head- Technology CoE Offshore

"I have been part of the team from the initial days. More than colleagues, we bond together as a family. Working at Ignitho is a mixture of fun and challenges. As part of the technical team, I have learned a lot by directly interacting with UK-based clients and working with CIO's and Industry leaders there."

Govind Thachappully
Software Developer (Open Source)

"It's been more than a year that I have been with Ignitho and the journey continues to be exciting. As an Open Source Software Developer, I have been closely aligned with senior IT professionals working in some of the challenging projects for our UK & US clients. Ignitho provides an encouraging environment of self- learning through continuous support and guidance. The culture is fun & passionate, and I can't be more proud to be a part of this exciting journey."

Akhil Baby
Head- Cloud & Security

"As someone who is passionate and goal-driven, I always look out for opportunities to explore and expand my horizons. Ignitho turned out to be a suitable fit for my personality and expertise. While here in my role as Head - Cloud & Security, I have had the opportunity to closely work with various US and UK clients and we helped them in managing their cloud and infrastructure, cost-effectively. I have also performed several challenging mail migrations and provided recommendations for their existing cloud infrastructures. While handling the cloud and infrastructure of Ignitho, I was able to help in reducing the overall operating costs of the company. The opportunity to be part of a team which is equally passionate and enthusiastic to learn and nurture their talents has helped me shape my skills and push the boundaries."

Toms Kurian
Lead - SEO

"A year and a half down the lane as the SEO Lead at Ignitho, I find the journey exciting and enriching. From handling multiple projects for our US & UK clients, generating quality leads for them as well for Ignitho, my time here has helped me gain a strong foothold in my career. Having worked elsewhere before, I have found that Ignitho is a great place to learn and challenge your career growth with an encouraging and fructifying team. The right proportion of work and life, passionate and performance-driven team, makes Ignitho one of its kind and the #bestworkplacetobe."



Vineet Raman
Head- Operations and Nuivio Ventures

"Tracking back my career chart, I feel choosing Ignitho and having been a part of it since its inception has been my greatest career break. It opened to me opportunities to showcase the value in different streams of the organization which evolved me and set the pace for my growth. Moreover, under Ignitho my entrepreneurial urge saw fruition with Nuivio, a place where dreams of entrepreneurs come true. It put me in different roles and allowed me to manage it and take decisions at my volition. Passion, performance, and integrity are the values which drive, motivate and define every Ignitor and it is the culture of Ignitho that has given me the latitude to think big and drive quick results."

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