Business Analyst

Kochi, India
2 - 5 years
Date of Posting
11 February 2019


Job Description

Ignitho is urgently looking for a Business Analyst-cum-Client Lead to join our team. Based out of our Infopark Kochi offices, this is a client-facing multi-dimensional role, involving the ability to build and manage a successful partnership with senior UK, US and European stakeholders, as well as being able to consistently deliver high quality services for Ignitho’s clients profitably and team-working effectively to do so.


Analysis and Solution Definition:
* Quickly understands the business and technical challenges of the client's organisation and industry. 
* Identifies solution parameters and contributes to scoping and estimating an effective way to address these. 
* Creates and reviews requirements, specifications and business processes, including documents such as SOW and RFx responses. 
* Develops functional specifications and system design specifications for client engagements. 

Client Lead:

* Perform the role of Business Analyst & Client Lead and act as primary point of contact to the customer. 
* Coordinating and communicating with the client and the internal project team – Developers, PM, QA’s etc. to ensure smooth flow of the project 
* Take complete ownership and responsibility for the project(s) associated with the client; 
* Discuss and define the customer expectations and ensure all expectations are met. 
* Works with client personnel to identify any required changes and communicates this effectively within Ignitho. 
* Coordinate with both internal and external teams to ensure the seamless project delivery. 
* Participant to the client steer-co meetings and ensure timely actions. 

Project Execution:
* Assists in enforcement of project deadlines and schedules. 
* Reports effectively and regularly on project progress to the client as well within Ignitho, takes review inputs and appropriately and accurately applies comments/ feedback. 
* Manages resources in accordance with project schedule. 
* Ensures issues are identified, tracked, reported on and resolved in a timely manner. 
* Perform internal UAT to ensure the solution meets business requirements 
* Understand the customer requirements and prepare adequate documents 
* Prepare project estimates & delivery timelines and support the sales team in preparing documents such as SOW, MSA, RFx etc

Required Skills

* 2-5 years of demonstrable experience in a similar role, working for Tier 1/2/3 IT services organisations. 
* Engineering degree with MBA post-graduate qualifications preferred. 
* Client management:
o Develops relationships with client personnel that foster client ties. 
o Communicates effectively with clients to identify needs and evaluate alternative business solutions with project management. 
o Continually seeks opportunities to increase customer satisfaction and deepen client relationships. 
o Manages client expectations effectively. 
* Effective communication:
o Can assist in the facilitation of team and client meetings. 
o Delivers informative, well-organised presentations. 
o Understands how to communicate difficult/sensitive information tactfully. 
* Technical understanding:
o Good understanding of application programming, frameworks, database and system design/ architecture, particularly in Open Source, Microsoft and Mobile technologies 
* Problem solving:
o Identifies critical issues proactively with ease. 
o Exhibits confidence and an extensive knowledge of emerging industry practices when solving business problems. 
o Pushes creative thinking beyond the boundaries of existing industry practices and client mindsets. 
* Potential for leadership:
o Generates enthusiasm among team members. 
o Proactively seeks opportunities to serve in leadership roles. 
o Challenges others to develop as leaders while serving as a role model. 
o Facilitates effective team interaction. 
o Acknowledges and appreciates each team member's contributions. 
* Organisational responsibilities:
o Conducts effective progress evaluations in a timely manner. 
o Mentors those with less experience through informal channels. 
o Seeks and participates in development opportunities. 
o Suggests areas for improvement in internal processes along with possible solutions. 
o Leads internal teams/task forces.

To Apply
Send your updated resume to
[email protected]
with subject line in the following format "Name-Position Title-Years of Experience" (eg: John Mathew - Project Manager - 8 Years)

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