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09 October 2017
Ignitho gains recognition as one of the Top 5 UK IT Services companies focussed on the mid-market
Joseph Olassa | Co-founder & CEO Ignitho Technologies About the author

The CIOs and IT Directors we talk to on a regular basis tell us that they are often caught between the lack of attention from the big boys and the sea of boutique nearshore & offshore vendors. They tell us that they would rather stay focussed on outcomes than worrying about the logistics of making IT outsourcing work.

Our engagement in many instances start with us partnering with enterprises to nurture business ideas on limited budgets, through Rapid Prototyping , for the web and mobile, using new technologies like Machine Learning & Augmented Reality where relevant. Our Innovation Labs have already been delivering rapid prototypes for our clients using Frugal Innovation methodologies from Jaideep Prabhu, Professor at Judge Business School, University of Cambridge. Jaideep is a thought leader in the area of Frugal Innovation, who has been extensively researching on how multinationals are using emerging markets in Asia, Latin America and Africa as a lab to do affordable and sustainable innovation for global application. Jaideep is the author of “Frugal Innovation”, described by The Economist as “the most comprehensive book yet” on the subject.

In most cases, enterprises leverage these prototypes to build Scalable Solutions using our outcome-based delivery model. We have also had enterprises who have engaged with us for delivering outcome-based programmes for software development and continuous enhancement of web and mobile applications using an Agile and DevOps.

These success stories have now helped us to be recognised now as one of the UK Top 5 IT Services companies focussed on the mid-market. More details here:


Our success stories from our UK customers are available on our Clutch profile here

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Joseph brings a track record of nearly two decades of fast-paced business growth in IT services across Europe, Middle East and Asia. His core expertise lies in successfully setting up and growing business in new geographies and service lines. Read More

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