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The Changing Global Delivery Model for AI Led Digital Engineering

Scott Nugent CCO Ignitho Technologies
Global delivery model

As the technological and cultural landscape undergoes tectonic shifts with the advent of AI in a post-pandemic world, businesses are striving to stay ahead of the curve.  

At Ignitho, we are trying to do the same – not just keep pace but shape the future through our global delivery model augmented by our AI center of Excellence (CoE) in Richmond, VA 

This CoE model, firmly anchored in the “jobs to be done” concept, reflects Ignitho’s commitment to creating value, fostering innovation, and staying ahead of emerging trends.  

Let’s examine three key reasons why Ignitho’s approach to creating this upgraded global delivery model is a game-changer. 

Embracing the AI Revolution 

The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) is redefining industries across the board, and Ignitho recognizes the pivotal role that data strategy plays in this transformation.  

Rather than simply creating conventional offices staffed with personnel, Ignitho’s global delivery model focuses on establishing centers of excellence designed to cater to specific functions, be it data analytics, AI development, or other specialized domains. Our AI Center of Excellence in Richmond, VA promises to become that source of specialized application. 

By actively engaging with our clients, we have gained invaluable insights into what they truly require in this ever-changing technological landscape. Our global delivery approach goes beyond simply delivering on predefined roadmaps. Instead, it involves close collaboration to navigate the intricate web of shifting data strategies and AI adoption. 

So, in a world where data is the new currency and AI is transforming industries, the process of crafting effective solutions is no longer a linear journey. Ignitho’s Centers of Excellence in the US plans to serve as a collaborative hub where our experts work closely with clients to make sense of the dynamic data landscape and shape AI adoption strategies. Then the traditional global delivery model takes to do what that model is good at. 

This approach to AI is not just about creating models, churning out reports, or ingesting data to various databases; it’s about crafting and delivering a roadmap that aligns seamlessly with the evolving needs of the clients.  

Reshaping Digital Application Portfolios 

The second pillar of Ignitho’s global delivery model revolves around reshaping digital application portfolios. Traditional software development approaches are undergoing a significant shift, thanks to the advent of low-code platforms, the need for closed-loop AI models, and the need to adopt the insights in real time. 

So as with the AI programs, Ignitho’s model allows us to engage effectively on the top-down architecture definition in close collaboration with clients, delivering a roadmap that then subsequently leads to the conventional delivery model of building and deploying the software as needed.

The different global teams employ similar fundamentals and training in low-code and AI led digital engineering, but the global team is also equipped to rapidly develop and deploy the applications in a distributed Agile model as needed.

By adopting such an approach, Ignitho ensures that the right solutions are developed, and the clients’ goals are more effectively met. 

Shifting Cultural Paradigms 

As the global workforce evolves, there’s a notable shift in cultural patterns. People are increasingly valuing outcomes and results over sheer effort expended.

Networking and collaboration are also no longer limited to narrow physical boundaries. Ignitho’s global delivery model aligns seamlessly with this cultural transformation by focusing on creating value-driven centers of excellence. 

As a result, by delivering tangible and distinct value at each of the centers, Ignitho epitomizes the shift from measuring productivity by hours worked to gauging success by the impact created.  

What’s Next? 

Ignitho’s upgraded Center of Excellence based global delivery model is better suited to tackle the challenges and opportunities posed by AI, new ways of digital engineering, and evolving cultural norms where success is taking on new meanings. 

So, as the digital landscape continues to evolve, businesses that embrace Ignitho’s approach stand to gain a competitive edge. The synergy between specialized centers, data-driven strategies, and outcome-oriented cultures will enable us to provide solutions that resonate with the evolving needs of clients across industries.  

As a result, we are not just adapting to change but we are driving change. 

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Scott Nugent CCO Ignitho Technologies
Scott has over 25 years of experience in the information and technology business. He started as an analyst at TransUnion. After eight years of production roles, he moved into business development. Post TransUnion, he did sales stints at Experian Marketing Services and Entiera. He later joined Mindtree and was with them for eight years where he started by selling Data and Analytics Services to new clients, eventually selling Mindtree’s entire gamut of services. At Ignitho, as the Chief Commercial Officer (CCO), he heads the North America business and drives partnerships for this market.
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