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Charities Project Report Card

Peter Heather | 10 September 2016


The Charities Project Manifesto was published nearly two years ago. I have been looking at the first 3 parts of the manifesto and asking if it is still relevant and is it being applied in practice.

Part 1. Carry out projects to introduce beneficial change

Quote from a Charity IT project lead "We delivered the project on time, cost and quality but nobody used it much. There was no real benefit”

Report card C+

In my view, not enough people really understand the nature of change management and the importance it should be given to deliver beneficial change!

Part 2. Only do projects which have an appropriate sponsor and supportive, decisive governance

Quote from a Charity IT project lead ”We had a change in Directors and a new sponsor for the project and they didn’t want to make any decisions ….we acted as a proxy for the Directors in decision making”

Report card C-

In my view, many sponsors would benefit from more support and coaching in the role. (…especially if being a sponsor is a new role for them).

Part 3. Understand & commit the skills & resources required

Quote from a Charity IT project lead….”In the charity space we have to be masters of all things….we have to cover many skills and have a deep subject matter knowledge across all those skill areas in the projects we do”

Report card B-

There are not enough Charities who have a strong project culture. Charities can benefit from more training and support to understand and commit the appropriate skills to change projects and work with partners who have a mature project culture.

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Peter Heather Former IT Director | ActionAid & WaterAid

Former Head of IT with WaterAid and ActionAid helping charities and not for profits have a good experience with IT & Systems. Peter has a strong background in IT and significant experience with transformational change projects. His career in business analysis and programme management as well as operational and general IT management brings specialized knowledge of the sector for the benefit of charities and not for profits. Read More


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