The Challenge – Today’s businesses are faced with huge demands from finicky and tech-savvy customers, leading to a need for seamless integration in an ever increasing plethora of technology platforms. With a resulting need to have the best possible technology solutions which work reliably 100% of the time, there is a massive pressure on today’s IT leaders to build robust and reliable application management services. With ever shrinking budgets however, this can become a real challenge.

Our Approach – At Ignitho, the first step in engaging with our customers is to understand the unique intricacies of their business, their technology systems and their current and future business and IT needs. This understanding then translates into innovative customized Application Management Services solutions, relevant for each individual business, which derive maximum benefits in terms of lower costs, lesser risk, better ROI, faster response to go to market and the unflinching support that our customers need to be ahead of the competition.

Our USP – local presence in global markets,
peer guidance from CIOs, backed by innovative & proven
technology expertise – setting you up for success

Our Application Management Methodology

Ignitho’s Application Management Services are tailored for today’s agile enterprise, adopting a portfolio-based approach which takes into account technology, ground-breaking information architecture, people and services. We further build in distinctive analytics capability which helps companies strategically manage their application portfolio in support of business goals.

The status quo has never been our mode of operation – and neither is it for our customers. Delighting our customers through continuous improvement is our motto. At Ignitho, we offer customers our experience in bringing stability coupled with flexibility to scale and a justifiable cost of ownership.

Ignitho’s Application Management Services comprise of:

and Rationalization 

and Needs Analysis

Services Design


Assurance & Deployment


Application Management Services
Our Value Add

Business IT Alignment

We make sure that our Application Management Services is aligned with your business processes, IT strategies and investment decisions.

Feedback driven Project Delivery

With shorter sprint cycles, we ensure a feedback driven approach towards product and process enhancements.

Continuous Improvement

We believe that there is a constant need to adapt to ever changing and new market trends and therefore our development process is based on the principles of scalability and continuous improvement.

Benefits of working with us


Our global Sales & Delivery presence gives you local touch-points at every stage of the engagement


Our unique and strong CIO Ecosystem provides you with peer guidance to “get it right the first time”


Our proven Technology Expertise builds robust solutions to accelerate your success in the Digital economy


Our innovative Service Models deliver the right solution in the right place at the right price point

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Peer Guidance

Our Experts

Marc Dowd

Former Principal Advisor Forrester Research

Gray Willis

Former CIO Charles Taylor, Walkers

Rahul Jaitly

Former CIOKuoni Travel

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A track record of delivering mission critical technology solutions for global majors and disruptive startups

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Former IT DirectorAvis Budget Group, AXA



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Marc Dowd

Former Principal Advisor Forrester Research

Gray Willis

Former CIO Charles Taylor, Walkers

Peter Heather

Former IT DirectorActionAid, WaterAid

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What sets us apart

A unique ability to leverage Peer Guidance from IT Leaders and Frugal Innovation from Startup Ecosystems, combined with Outcome-based Delivery, to accelerate Enterprises into the Digital Economy

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