Industry experts are today looking beyond the horizon to create new solutions to help enterprises improve their business. Ignitho Labs allows experts and IT leaders to brainstorm or ideate with us and develop the idea into a prototype.

Through Ignitho Labs, we develop prototype systems which are replicas or minor versions of future real life systems to demonstrate to our customers the potential benefits that can be achieved by developing the new system. We work with enterprises in prototyping ideas to give a firsthand view through proof-of-concept and visualize the capabilities of a fully functional solution. This enables enterprises to take it to their stakeholders to make critical decisions during the early stages thereby reducing risk and investments.

Experimenting new ideas…

Collaborate with enterprises
through brainstorming

Develop a prototype of
the proposed solution

Take the prototype
to market

Ignitho Labs – Our advantage


Strong industry focus through our pool of industry experts: By collaborating with enterprises, we help them experiment new ideas that would improve the existing ways of doing business and also promises a great market potential.


Technology focus with eyes on latest technologies: With our highly motivated and agile teams spread across our offices, you can join and work together right from idea generation or brainstorming to developing a potentially shippable prototype.


Highly integrated model of development: Through our highly integrated model, we enable seamless transition of a potentially scalable prototype from the labs to incubator platform to facilitate further development into a fully functional solution.

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A unique ability to accelerate Enterprises into the Digital Economy through Frugal Innovation, leveraging the Experience of Industry Leaders and delivered through an Outcome-based approach

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